AD-Replace Feature for DOOH and Retail

Two new features related to media files which garnered a lot of appreciation in the recent time for Zeetaminds are Media Expiry and Ad-Replace. While Media Expiry addresses future changes, Ad-Replace simplifies the present changes. Most DOOH companies have all unique screens with multiple media running on 1000's of screens set at different schedules and... Continue Reading →

Live TV + Signage Feature

Not just entertainment, use your Displays to drive sales with Live TV feature! Places like restaurants, lounge bars, hotels etc show satellite content on the displays. Playing Live football or cricket matches or any entertainment content keeps the customers hooked to the display. The Need? Pure digital signage with only Ads is boring in places where... Continue Reading →

Need more Eyeballs for your DOOH Network?

Ads don’t get views unless it is genuinely useful to the viewer or is ultra creative, which is seldom the case. Hence, the need to push Ads through some form of entertainment or useful information is critical. The same applies to DOOH Players. Purely Ad focused DOOH without adding some value to the reader rarely... Continue Reading →

Multi-User Access in Digital Signage CMS

One Account, Many Eyes symbolizes Multi-User feature in Digital Signage. This feature is essential for DOOH networks, QSR Chains, Corporates with multiple offices and Retail chains. Why customers need Multi-User Access? Single user managing all displays right from installation to content upload to broadcasting leads to inefficiency as several teams are involved at different stages.... Continue Reading →

What attracts Resellers the most in Digital Signage Software industry?

Not just money, Resellers deserve more! Every successful enterprise values customers and strives for excellence in Customer Satisfaction. For Digital Signage Companies (Hardware or Software), equally important are Resellers.  Digital Signage Resellers are the key stakeholders responsible for the brand's growth albeit the less rewarded ones. Only a few Digital Signage companies provide significant value... Continue Reading →

Preview In Digital Signage

You truly see what you would see in an actual display once published. One of the principal reasons digital signage network operators maintain a test screen at their office is to visualize the output on the test display before broadcasting to their entire network of displays. This setup enables digital signage network operators to truly... Continue Reading →

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